As a professional photographer, I get asked lots of questions about cameras, settings, troubleshooting, etc. Being mostly a self-taught photographer, I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way! Over the years, I’ve used many avenues to learn and improve my craft – classes, online tutorials, you-tube videos, professional online groups. What I’ve learned is when I have the opportunity for in-person, hands-on learning I learn best! This is why I started teaching a Basic DSLR Photography Class. 

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Is this class for you??

Did you get a brand new camera last weekend on Black Friday? Or do you have a DSLR camera, whatever brand, that you only use the Auto mode on? Do you want to gain a better understanding of your camera’s  different shooting modes, learn basic photography concepts, and generally improve your skills? If your answer to any of these questions is YES!!, then this class is for you. The only requirements for the class are to own a DSLR and bring a positive attitude!!

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What’s covered in the class?

In the Basic DSLR Photography Class, we will cover gear, exposure, camera settings and shooting modes, as well as basic concepts like ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, basic composition and use of light. You will have a workbook that you can take notes in and you also will have access to a few extra freebie “cheat sheets”. The in-class portion of the class 2.5-3 hours, then we will go outside and have time to practice what you’ve learned! In addition, there will be an exclusive Facebook group that you will have the opportunity to join. This will be a positive community that will allow you a place to ask questions, get help with troubleshooting, and get feedback on images. This community will allow all of us to learn and help one another as hone your skills!

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When is the Basic DSLR Photography Class?? 

The next class will be January 20, 2018 from 1-5pm. Once you sign up, you will get the location info via email. The class is limited to about 10 people, so that each attendee can get the most benefit and hands-on time.

Ready to sign up?

I SO HOPE YOU ARE!! I promise you will love the class and you will be so glad you signed up! If you sign up and purchase your seat before midnight tonight, you will save $30! The Cyber Monday Sale price of the Basic DSLR Photography Class is $99. At midnight, the price increases to $129. Hurry and get your seat! Space is limited to ensure the best experience for all.

Have questions??

If you have any questions or would like to chat about scheduling your PCP Senior or Family Experience, contact me here.

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