Head shots, You are your brand, San Antonio Business Photographer


As a San Antonio Photographer, I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other local businesses and owners. One way I do this every year is by taking professional head shots for clients. My fellow business owners and business professionals, YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Your smile is the center of your business. It is often the first image of you your potential clients see when they visit your website or are handed your business card. Your clients need to recognize you when they meet you. If you took your last head shots 5-10 years ago, or you have never had a professional head shot taken, you need an update! 

Head shots, You are your brand, San Antonio Business Photographer

Build Your Visual Brand

In a blog post last year for the Huffington Post, “Small Biz Lady”, Melinda Emerson, discusses the importance of your Visual Brand. Have you thought about the fact that you have a Visual Brand?  YOU are part of the package of your business and the services you offer your clients. Getting professional head shots taken gives you an opportunity to put your best face forward to your clients. Your cell phone pic isn’t going to suffice! Professional head shots give you high quality images to use for all your marketing needs – website, business cards, flyers, etc. Having an up to date look is important for your Visual Brand. 

Head shots, You are your brand, San Antonio Business Photographer

Practical Tips

  1. Hire a professional. (Duh) This may seem obvious, but I see lots of cell phone pics out there! A professional will guide you with wardrobe planning and choosing flattering colors, location planning (if outdoors), and will choose flattering posing and lighting to suit you best. 
  2. Plan on using two different looks. A suit and tie for men (be colorful – no black and white, please!) or colorful suit for the ladies. Choose a second look that is just as polished, but slightly more casual.  Use colors that are flattering to your skin tone and silhouettes that are flattering for you. 
  3. Consider having both full length and head shot images done. This gives you ultimate flexibility for your marketing.
  4. Make sure to get high resolution JPEG images with print release permission from your photographer. Large jpeg files will allow you maximum flexibility for image printing up to very large sizes. Remember, YOU are Your Brand.   


Head shots, You are your brand, San Antonio Business Photographer

New Year, New Look

The beginning of a new year is a great time to update your visual brand. Here is how I can help you.  

First, you and I will have a pre-session consultation in person or by phone, discussing location, clothing, your needs and budget. You can contact me HERE. Second, we will meet for a 20-30 minute session, shoot multiple poses and looks with 1-2 outfits. Next, I edit the images, paying attention to detail, and present you with the best 5-10 images to choose from. My goal is for you to have your new head shot image files within 2 weeks of your session to use for all your needs. Head shot appointments can be booked anytime of year, and can be done anywhere – outdoors, your office, your home. I would love to help you with your head shots, whether it is just you or your entire office! Let’s update your look for 2017. Why? Because


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